Does your partner like to shower you with gifts on Mother's Day, but you don't know what to ask for? Is this your first Mother's Day and you want to treat yourself to something special?

I put together a gift ideas guide that has ideas for all types of people with all types of budgets! These items include some of my most recent favorite things, in addition to some of the most cherished gifts I've received from my husband, sister, and my closest friends.

You can shop these exact products HERE!

Don't feel like gifts are your love language? Here are some acts of service your partner can spoil you with this Mother's Day:

  • Partner does the dishes for a week
  • Massage from partner
  • Partner cooks you a romantic meal after the kids go to sleep (in-home date night)
  • Partner does the laundry for a week
  • Partner takes the kids in the morning and lets you sleep in
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Charcuterie and movie night
  • Partner cleans the house
  • Partner takes the kids out for the day so you can be home in silence
  • Partner plans a family picnic

Whatever you do this Mother's Day, I hope you feel special and loved. 

About the Author

Hannah is a Certified Lactation Counselor located in Lancaster, PA, and a spouse and parent to two lovely daughters. Her passion lies in aiding women in achieving success on their breastfeeding journeys and raising awareness regarding the numerous benefits of breastfeeding. She knows firsthand the struggles of breastfeeding as a mother, which has fueled their desire to help others. Hannah provides personalized and compassionate care to families, whether they are expecting, new parents, or preparing to return to work.

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