This week I set up this super simple and cheap Easter themed sensory bin for Mila! The Easter grass is from the Dollar Tree and actually left over from last year! The eggs and carrots I scored in the Target dollar spot, and the flowers were a DIY as a part of Isaiah's Valentine's Day beef jerky bouquet.

You really can make this your own by throwing any Easter or spring related decor in a bin with some Easter grass as your bin filler. Add in some tongs, scoops, bowls, and baskets and you're done!

Mila used two types of tongs (like these and the ones from this set) to transfer the eggs into her basket (working on fine motor skills), played with the flowers, and then started to really "immerse herself" in the paper grass...which eventually ended up all over the floor!

As always...never put out more than you're willing to clean up!

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